Mummers Play is a ‘Roaaaaring’ Success!


Last Sunday Bocking Theatre Club brought the tradition of the Mummers Play to life at Stisted Fete with their brilliant rendition of George and the Dragon. Mummers plays are a traditional, fun form of theatre dating back hundreds of years and this action-packed production was one of the highlights of the fete.

The enthusiastic and very colourful group of actors grabbed the audience’s attention from the beginning, who were encouraged to hiss, boo, and cheer as the action unfolded. The highlight of the show was the wonderful, colourful dragon, created by Carol and Doug Felton and Jean Baker, which swept through the audience before going into battle with George.



Open air theatre is very challenging for an actor as not only do the actors need to project their voices and physical gestures but timing is also of the utmost importance. The group achieved all of this and gave some fantastic character performances.

The only disappointment was the rain which prevented their second performance. Not only were the cast disappointed but a great many audience members who had missed the earlier performance. We are looking forward to revisiting this play at a later date!

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